Monday, May 24, 2010

A lazy end to the long weekends

Today wound up being a much lazier day than I'd planned to have. I'd thought about cutting out my dress but then I got caught up in Ian's video game. I'm like the girl in that commercial who doesn't know that a video game isn't a movie :)

Seriously, I enjoy watching Ian play an open-world game, where there are quests and stuff. I'm not good at the controls for the games but Ian is good at them and he's patient enough to let me suggest where he should go next. It's like I'm playing the game but without actually playing it. This game has lots of cut scenes and an interesting background story as well.

I did manage to pull us away from the game long enough to take a walk around the neighbourhood. We should have gone earlier or later as it was still pretty hot outside but it was still a nice walk. I thought about going for another walk this evening (I love love love walking outside in the early to late evening) but I was too tired. I didn't sleep well last night so I was extra-tired today; if I'd slept well I definitely would have been out and about this evening. I'm a little stressed with the biopsy coming up on Wednesday.

I was able to pin-fit the bodice top today and after doing that, I added a little bit extra length to the bust to cover it and some other extra length to the center because it was just a little bit low. I'm quite confident that it's going to fit me pretty well. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to cut out the dress and baste it together. I'd like to try and get that stuff done before the biopsy so that I'm not left with too much to do afterwards.

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