Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Penultimate book club meeting

Today was the second-to-last meeting of the book club. The last meeting will be in two weeks and with it, we'll be finished with The Power of Now. We've been meeting twice a month since the beginning of the year so it'll feel weird to not be seeing everyone over the summer. After we finish this book, we're taking a break which will be a welcome respite for the group leader.

This book club has been a ton of work for the group leader. Each session she's prepared a handout for us that summarizes the chapter and places the ideas into a larger context. Eckhart Tolle didn't come up with the ideas in his books solely on his own; most of them are a pastiche of knowledge and practice from other disciplines. Having an understanding of where some of the ideas originated really helps to understand the text. I'm really grateful to have been able to study this book with someone who's so knowledgeable in this area.

I think there are classes I could take over the summer but none of them really appeal to me. There'll be something in the fall, I'm sure. It probably won't be another book club but it'll be something worthwhile.

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