Saturday, May 15, 2010


We went to another open house today in a new-to-us area of town. We ended up falling completely in love with the neighbourhood - it has parks and lots of walking trails and a pond and it's an older area with mature trees. We loved the neighbourhood enough to want the house to work for us, but it just didn't work. We'll keep an eye on that neighbourhood for the future.

After that a friend and I went to my favourite shoe store in Guelph. It's moved! There's more space! There are way, way, way more shoes!!!!! Oh, how I love that store. I swoon over their selection every time I go  there. Visiting that store was as fun as it ever was, because I was able to just try shoes on and walk around with them. The salesperson helping us was a little pushy because she trying to sell me shoes that I wasn't absolutely convinced I wanted.

That didn't stop me from buying shoes, though. You might remember that I wanted some shoes for the season? Well, I got them today. I bought these two awesome pairs:
Sofft "Fiore" in Pewter
BC Footwear "Oh Sailor" in Pewter
Aren't they gorgeous??? Ian even liked both pairs, although when he saw the first pair, he asked if I was going to a toga party :) I know that both pairs are silvery coloured, but the slight heel on the one pair makes them a little dressier, and the flat pair is soooo comfrotable to walk in. The silvery colour also works well with my skin tone and clothes. I can hardly wait to wear them :)


manchester fat acceptance said...

sparkly shoes!!!!! so pretty!


ladyheart said...

This shoes never will lose its charm and beauty. A number of fashions and styles in no way fade away.

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