Monday, August 31, 2009

On my own for two weeks

Ian left early this morning and now I'm on my own for a couple of weeks. This won't change much of my day-to-day life although my evenings will be different because I'll be alone for them. I'm pretty sure I can manage to occupy myself while he's gone. :)

I watched a movie online today: Suicide Dolls, a very strange Japanese movie. I chose it because it was an extreme, 18+ only movie, and I like that kind of movie. I think of myself as someone who likes extreme sorts of movies, you know? Well, it turns out that even I have limits, and this movie is it.

This is one strange movie. It's got three main segments and in each segment a woman commits suicide. There is dialog in each part but it's all in Japanese and the movie isn't subbed or dubbed so the viewer has no idea what's going on. Maybe it would make sense if the viewer understood the dialog? There's a fourth part where dolls murder each other as well. This is a very weird, very gory, very strange movie. It's not for everyone... even me. So you might want to avoid it.

I have to add this: have any of you watched the new A&E program called Hoarders? It's on Mondays at 10pm after Intervention. I guess this is the place where I have to admit that I watch Intervention, huh? Yes, I do watch this show. I feel for the addicts on the show, and their families.

Anyways, back to Hoarders. Apparently hoarding is a mental illness where people collect (hoard) things to a point where the things take over and there's no room for living. It seems that a lot of people do it because the things they collect might be useful someday and have a hard time throwing anything away. Often the conditions in which hoarders are living are unsanitary and unsafe. It's heartbreaking, listening to the people on the show, because they don't really want to live that way but they can't help it.

I used to know a couple who were hoarders. Their place looked like the pictures of hoarder's places. It was weird.

While I watch this show I can't help but look around at the piles of stuff I've collected... the magazines that I've kept over there... the beads... the patterns... the fabric... the pieces of paper... all this stuff that I've bought or kept even when I have no good reason to buy or keep it except that it might be useful. Our home doesn't look like the ones on the tv but I do have areas that are like those houses...  it seems to be a difference only of degree. Am I a hoarder-in-training? Maybe if I clean up I'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

You come by it honestly. Your Dad had a very hard time parting with anything - because he might need it down the road :) And a lot of stuff he did use, but a lot more just gathered dust. Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

Hmmm, yes, that's right... didn't he have a bunch of soldering irons and computer parts and duplicates of other stuff? I guess I do come by it honestly. I think as long as it doesn't take over the living space or involve lots of animals it's ok.


Anonymous said...

We all have a little bit of hoarding in us..The only difference is theirs takes control.

manchester fat acceptance said...

i'd agree with Gingeyginge above. we all carry a bit of the hoarding tendency i think.

funny but nobody considers it a problem when a person is an anti-hoarder. i collect stuff, but i've also gone through periods where i discard massive amounts of stuff... some of which i end up needing later... oops.