Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A productive day

For the first time since I've been back from vacation, I was actually able to get stuff done. I did laundry, I rode the stationary bike, I finally worked on a task for the new mets board, I thought about sewing, and I did some sketches to decide what to sew next.

Yes, to my surprise, I felt almost like a "normal" person today. I could have done a lot more - the living room and my creating table both need tidying. I've been feeling like I need to create something but it's too messy over there and in the rest of the room to even think about starting a new project.

In case you were wondering, I was doing the sketches because I currently weigh... too much... and if I'm not careful, I could make something that is decidedly unflattering. I've done it before, after all :) So I drew a little croquis of myself and sketched different styles over it. It turns out - and I'm sure Ian could tell you this - that I can't wear things that don't have a clearly-defined waist. Making the waist look smaller makes the rest of me look comparatively smaller, as long as the design doesn't emphasize my hips or butt

Hopefully I'll get a design figured out tomorrow. I see my oncologist for my normal appointment early in the morning; I hope I'm awake and have energy afterwards to do stuff. As long as I have enough energy and wakefulness to draw more sketches or tidy up my creating table, I'm happy.

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