Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scan day

The CT head scan (aka my brain scan) was uneventful. The technician who set up my IV recognized me from the last time I was there. I guess after a while they get to know you, which is nice. The scans are usually a little stressful and having friendly people there makes the experience better.

When I got home from my scan, I saw that someone had sent me an email called "Cancer Update Information (Johns Hopkins)" which says that people can fight cancer by eating differently. The email has already been debunked, of course, but apparently it's still making its way around the internet.

When something says that people can fight cancer by eating differently, logically, that thing is also saying that anyone who doesn't eat well is responsible for their cancer or not fighting their cancer hard enough. That's crap, of course. Eating well is always good, but it doesn't cure, prevent, or fight cancer. I know people who have done all the right things before and after their cancers and they've still died.

The idea that a person is responsible for "curing" their cancer pisses me off to no end, because I have metastatic breast cancer and I'm not responsible for that - I didn't give myself cancer and I'm fighting plenty hard enough to stay alive. On top of that, today I was already nervous about having brain mets and that email sent me over the edge a little.

Mass emails like this usually sound urgent and honest (which is why they get forwarded), but they aren't always true. If you see a mass email like that, whether it's about cancer or another topic, please don't just forward it to people you know. Instead, do a quick check on snopes.com, who gather information about urban legends (including emails), to see if the email has been discredited. If the email is fake, don't send it; delete it.


Michelle said...

Hi Chantelle, it's Michelle Vicki's sis-in-law.

I've been reading your blog and have never left a comment and I feel guilty, kinda like I'm spying on you!!!LOL.

You are one strong woman. Strong! Wow, cancer WATCH OUT, it picked the WROOONG woman to mess with. That's great.

THis is a pretty amazing journey ( I can't think of another word?)that you are walking through and NOT by choice.

I admire you.

Michelle Prinsen.

Anonymous said...

I understand what your saying..But only you can know what you are feeling, my Father did every thing right...It has no favoritism for whom it attacks ,you just have to keep on fighting..You seem like a lady who's not going to easily give in I send my prayers to aid you in your fight and pray you come out on top..

Chantelle said...

I love reading about different people who read my blog, and I don't feel that it's spying on me. :)

I don't always feel strong - a lot of the time, I feel very small with this giant cancer around me. So thanks for your compliments, thoughts, and prayers - I appreciate support from all corners.