Thursday, August 06, 2009

The trip, part five: North Cascades Scenic Drive

Once we left the hotel we stayed at in Everett, we headed towards the North Cascades Scenic Drive. We could have taken a more major route but it would've been boring so elected to take the shorter, scenic route. That's what this vacation was all about, right?

The drive basically goes along road 2 in Washington state through forests and dams and mountains. There are a number of scenic stopping points with information about the area. It's quite a lovely drive, and would have been nicer if it was sunny - but for the first time we got the more normal Washington weather: cloudy with a chance of rain. We'd been spoiled by all of the sun. :)

So we stopped at some dams and mountains and took some photos. The lakes are beautiful.... that gorgeous greenish-turquoise colour, next to trees and and rock and sky. We actually were leading a storm the whole time; it reached Omak, our stopping point, within an hour after we did. It was beautiful.

It was funny, because at each of the stops we saw the same people. There was one fellow who was going to pick up his son. We saw him over and over and over and at the last stop, he was running very late and taking pictures without even looking at what he was photographing. I hope he made it.

Omak was like Yakima, in that it had a small airfield, railroads, and lots of fruit crates. Clearly both towns are distribution points for the fruit growing in the region. We shared our hotel with a family reunion and ended up chatting with some people from William's Lake while we washed a few clothes.

This day did turn out to be very relaxing; it was exactly what I needed at that point.

There are a few pictures of this drive here.

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