Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lazy days of summer

Remember how I thought that we weren't going to be just sitting around this weekend? I was wrong. We'd thought about seeing the buskers today but it was raining this morning... and then we decided to sit around and be lazy for the rest of the day.

All we've done today is to sit around - Ian's been playing video games and I've been sitting here surfing the internet while watching him play. He's got a new game - Batman: Arkham Asylum - and it's quite interesting. The graphics are very good, as is the story. For once the quality of the cut scenes is equal to that of the regular gameplay; usually they're pre-rendered and so are of much better quality. It isn't just a fighting game, either, although there is fighting; there are puzzles to solve and things to do off of the main storyline. One thing I like is that the voice acting is really good - it's way better than most video games. It's been an entertaining game to watch and listen to so far. People who play video games might like to play it.

One thing I discovered in my travels was a way to Mad Men myself. It's an interactive flash tool that lets you choose characteristics to make a Mad Men-type character that might match you. I'm using my Mad Men self as my profile picture in various places because my other pic is old and I wanted to replace it. This is my Mad Men self:

I looove the glasses!

I don't know what our plans for tomorrow will be, although I'm guessing that we're going to sit around. Ian's going away on Monday for two weeks and he'll want to be packing and getting ready tomorrow. And we'll want to spend time together before he leaves, of course. I think that'll mean more video game playing for Ian and watching for me. That sounds like good, lazy time to me

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