Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Saw my family doctor yesterday

Apparently to leave comments on our photos, you need to be logged into Picasaweb. I signed in using my gmail account and everything seemed to just work... hopefully that'll work for you, too.

I'm still going through photos so the next trip installment will be tomorrow.

I saw my family doctor yesterday for my annual physical. I think I was supposed to have seen him a few months ago but if you don't book the next appointment at the current one, then you have to wait months to see him for the physical.

It was a good visit: he didn't nag me about my weight. In fact, he said that he'd rather I was fit than thin, and that if I started to lose weight all of a sudden, warning bells would be going off. So that I can get more fit, he's given me a referral to a physiotherapist so that I can learn what I can and cannot do. I very much want to do physical activities other than walking but I'm scared to do things because I don't know how to not hurt myself. So I'm supposed to get some "back education" and learn how to take care of it with the understanding that the back problems will never go away.

I asked for and got approval for a handicapped parking permit thingy. I have to fill in the form and take it in to the ministry of transportation to get my pass. Part of me didn't want to have to get one of these but when my back is very bad, it's very hard for me to walk any distance to an entrance. So getting one of these things will definitely help.

He also agreed to a slightly different pain patch routine. Currently I change both patches every two or three days, which can result in moderate to severe withdrawl symptoms in the hours before the patches are changed. Someone recommended to me that I alternate changing them to keep the level of painkiller in my system more even, and my family doctor has agreed to this idea. Hopefully this method will work .

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