Monday, August 17, 2009

Staying calm and relaxed

You'd think I'd actually have got something done today, even though I didn't get up until almost 2pm. I thought about doing some sewing - there's a dress or two or three or four that I want to sew. I'm pretty sure I know which one I want to start with, but I just need to actually get started. Unfortunately, I still haven't cleaned or tidied up my work areas and so it's hard to get stuff done there.

I'm sort of hoping that I'll have enough nervous energy tomorrow morning to at least work on the pattern, if not tidy up. As much as sitting on my butt surfing the internet or watching tv is fun, I might feel better about each day if I did something else... you know, something more productive. Like sewing, or tidying up.

We'll see. I need to treat myself gently over the next few days, until after I get the results from the scan. It's easy to feel overwhelmed (even if I don't recognize that I feel that way) when waiting for results. If I keep myself relaxed then hopefully I can avoid freaking out over nothing ... or just freaking out in general.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

good idea to lay low and not stress yourself out. worried about you... hope it turns out normal.