Friday, August 28, 2009

Movie night

We watched Splinter tonight. It's a horror movie where a couple are taken hostage by another couple; the four wind up in a gas station with some new life form that kills things. This new life form - or monster - takes over the bodies of its hosts and moves them around however it wants whether the hosts are dead or alive. It can also bring different bodies together to make a big body and infect other bodies via the spiky (splinter) things. It also appears to digest blood.

This is a new type of monster which is definitely weird and alien. One of the special features on the DVD talks about how the creature came to "life" which is really interesting. The creature effects are amazing. The creature's movements were creepy and weird... watching it move the host bodies was seriously freaky. And cool.

This movie has lots of believable tension and creepiness throughout, as well as really good acting with a very well-written script and dialogue. Seriously, the acting and production quality are better than most horror movies and are equal to that of more mainstream movies. This is an awesome movie - it isn't just me who thinks so; it actually won the Screamfest 2008 Best Picture award - and I highly recommend it. Yes, there is some gore, but not that much; it's more creepy and suspenseful than gory,

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