Thursday, August 27, 2009

Movie thoughts

Rob Zombie was the guest host on AMC tonight to show some of the Halloween movies. We ended up watching the original Halloween tonight. What a classic!
I think Rob Zombie was guest hosting tonight because his Halloween II remake is opening this weekend. It's his sequel to his remake/reimaging/prequel of Halloween (yeah, that's confusing - the whole Halloween sequel thing is a mess, quite frankly)... which, sadly, we haven't seen. :( I definitely want to see Rob Zombie's Halloween movies because I'm a fan of his work... his movies tend to be creepy and suspenseful with a lot of gore, and I like that in a movie.
I don't think I've seen Rob Zombie's Halloween in the video store (or else we've ignored it in favour of other movies). Maybe it'll be there now or on demand since the sequel opens tomorrow. I hope so. The second movie might be good on its own but it probably won't make much sense without having seen the first movie... that's the way of these types of slasher movies.
Unfortunately, we might not get to Rob Zombie's Halloween movies this weekend given the difficulty of finding the first movie. Even if we could find it, we probably don't have time to watch those movies this weekend as we want to see Inglourious Basterds. Plus the Waterloo Busker Carnival is also happening this weekend and we'll most likely check that out if the weather is good. I suspect we won't be sitting around being lazy all weekend like usual. :)

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