Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still taking it easy

I'm feeling a bit better, although I'm definitely not up to my normal, cheery self. I'm still very tired and have quite a bit of pain. At least I'm moving around quite a bit better - for the last few days, I was always hunched over clutching my abdomen to ease the pain whenever I walked around. Now I'm barely hunched over, and only need to apply a bit of pressure to my abdomen.

The information sheet I received at the hospital said that I would be back to normal activities after two or three days of recovery. Ha! I think I'll listen to my surgeon, who said it would be at least two weeks before I could participate in my normal activities.

I am watching my incisions pretty carefully; one of them is weeping a little bit and has a bit of red around it. The other two also have some red around them, too, which is new. I'm a bit worried about infection, even though I have been keeping the incisions as clean as I can (and putting dressings on them when I think they need it). I'll continue to watch the incisions over the next few days.

I finished the scarf I was knitting for Ian to go with the hat I'd knit him last year. The pictures of the hat and scarf are here. I'm now working on a sweater for me.

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Anonymous said...

Love the hat and scarf! Ian looks very warm all wrapped up. Good luck on the sweater - can't wait to see it!