Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkins and sweater

We finished carving our pumpkins today. Ian did a much better job than I did :) The pictures are here. Mine is based on one of the orb spider pictures that I took earlier this year, and Ian's is the Frank the bunny head from Donnie Darko. It was fun to do the pumpkins; I was a little unfamiliar with the woodcarving tools, which meant that I was a little clumsy using them. I didn't hurt myself, thank goodness :)

I also finished the front of the sweater I'm making. This means that I've finished the front and the back and have only the sleeves to make. I was pretty impressed with myself; the yarn gives a subtle striped effect to the finished product, and I managed to accidentally match the stripes on the front and back :) There's no way that the sleeves will match, but at least the body will all look the same.

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