Sunday, October 01, 2006

Learning new things

Ian had figured some time ago that while I was off work, I might like to do something sort of technical. I spent some time today learning PHP and CSS. We host the Silvermasters site, which Ian is in the process of converting to PHP and CSS, and Ian was hoping that I would be able to help with this. We also downloaded some software to keep track of gift wishlists, and it needs some major work.

So anyways, I was trying to make this software look a little more current with a better UI (ie use fewer tables and more menus). It's pretty fun. We'll see how it goes - we also want to make some changes to the database tables that it uses. If we get it to a point where we like it, then we might try and use it.

It's kind of fun to learn something new. It might even turn out to be useful, although I think I can say for certain that I don't want to work in web design :)

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