Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photos taken today

We had some photos taken today at Sears. I'd only ever had photos taken there with a large group, where there's only one real pose. When there's just two of you, they actually have you do different poses. Although when they asked us if we wanted to do some floor work, we did wonder what kind of photo shoot this was going to be :)

Ok, so it wasn't THAT kind of shoot. It was just a normal, "take pictures of two people" kind of shoot. And we're definitely not models.... the pictures showed us as we were. That's means that they're good pictures, I suppose. But I've been looking at myself in the mirror lately and thinking that maybe I've lost a couple of pounds. Ummmm, well, even if I have lost some weight, I'm not exactly a little person - as the photos clearly show. Oh well - it's better to see myself as I really am, even when that doesn't match what I wished I looked like :)

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