Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No surgery date yet

I got a message from the surgeon's office today. I'm completely confused. Back in August, they told me that once I had the biopsy results, I should call and then we would arrange a surgery date. But they've made an appointment for me to see the surgeon again, with no mention of a surgery date at all. And they want my family doctor to fax them something - presumably a referral (I couldn't really tell on the message). I don't understand that at all, since they received a referral back in August.

I guess that since this biopsy process has taken so long, they've either forgotten what their original instructions were or we need to go through the whole process again. Unfortunately, neither they nor my family doctor's office were open this afternoon. I'll be spending some time getting this straightened out tomorrow. I don't mind going in for an appointment, but I want to make sure that we're definitely heading towards surgery. I also need to know whether or not I need to get anything from the oncologist on Friday before the surgery. I'll tell you, this isn't exactly what I imagined tomorrow would be like :)

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