Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Launch party

There was a launch party at work for a new product that the company I work for just released. I set up and worked on this product in my department before I left, since I was responsible for products of this type in my department (apparently that may change when I go back, which I'm not happy about.... but that's a tale for another day).

Anyways, no one from my department, including my manger, forwarded the invitation to me. I can sort of see why that happened, since I'm not working there right now. I still felt a bit slighted, though, because the invitation did say to forward it to anyone who contributed to the project. I feel that my previous contributions are being forgotten or ignored by my manager and team - and even if it's just that they're forgetting me, well, that doesn't feel that good either. I suppose it's a natural thing to happen when someone is off sick for a long time like I have been. A friend in another department forwarded the invitation and arranged a ride for me, which I thought was very generous. It also turns out that my director also wanted me to attend, which made me feel better.

So I went :)

They had comedian John Heffron there for entertainment. He was sort of funny - being a corporate event, there were a lot of jokes he couldn't tell.

It was nice that the company paid for the event. Everyone invited could bring a guest, and all the food, water, and soft drinks were free, with a cash bar available as well. A light dinner and dessert was provided. The food was ok, except for the really terrible cheeze sauce - some speculated that it was because the sauce was burned, but it also tasted sort of tobaccoey. It was really strange.

I was glad that I went, as I got to see a number of people I hadn't seen in a while. I've missed those people. It was also good to get caught up on some things that were going on outside of my department.

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Victor Luk said...

You're boss at the previous comopany was much better :-) I can probably find a place back here for you if you wanted ;)

But if I were you, I would stay for the burnt tobacco cheese sauce. Yummy!