Friday, October 13, 2006

Cancer, curling, and culture

I did see the oncologist today, and we are starting me on the bisphosphonates and Femara (aromatase inhibitor). I took the prescription in to be filled but the drugstore didn't have the generic version of the bisphosphonates. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I'm to start on those right away, and I'm to start the Femara a few weeks after surgery when I'm healthy. If I have any problems with either of these drugs, then I can call and get in to see her. The nurse was there and nodded her head when I verified this. Otherwise, I won't see her again until January.

One of the tumour markers - CA 15.3 - was slightly elevated the last time I was there. She said it was up by about 20 points, which isn't very much (I think normal is under 35). It looks like this will be the marker that we monitor as we re-did the test again today. I'll be curious to know whether or not the number is higher now, since I suspect more cancer now because of the lymphedema symptom.

Speaking of lymphedema, I also asked to get into the lymphedema program that they have there - the wait is 8 weeks, but it'll be worth it to see them, I think. She's also going to see whether or not I should redo the genetic testing. I did the testing back in 2001, and they've found two new genes since then, so it might be worth re-doing it. I'll see what she says.

Tonight was also my first night of curling. It was fun up until someone fell and hit her head on the ice :( She got a cut on her head which bled like crazy, as head wounds do. She's going to have a big bruise there - unfortunately, I think it was her head that broke her fall. She's apparently doing fine, though, and has someone watching over her tonight.

On the culture front, we saw Gene DiNovi in concert tonight. He's a jazz pianist who performed a bunch of Gershwin and other tunes from that era. It was amazing to watch him. We were able to watch his hands which are very elegant and graceful when playing. He also told stories about what it was like in that environment back then. It's really cool to hear some of that - there's definitely a lot of history there. The music was wonderful. I didn't recognize much of what he played, but I definitely enjoyed all of it.

This was a very full day, as you can probably tell. I'm going to wrap the gift for tomorrow's wedding and call it a day, I think.

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