Monday, October 09, 2006

Results tomorrow?

I see my family doctor tomorrow. I hope he's got the results from the biopsy. Since I haven't heard anything from the hospital, I'm hoping that the samples were good.

I'm a little nervous in case I do get results. It's always like this - I'm fine for a long time, but the night before I might get results is always the worst for me. I know that I'd rather know whatever there is to know... but I'm a little afraid, too. I guess I'm afraid that things will change once I get the results. I guess they might, if only because we'll have a better idea about what is going on with me. There's a certain comfort in ignorance. Knowing stuff means that I have to do something with that knowledge, even if all I have to do is just follow treatment orders.

Of course it's possible that my family doctor won't have the results for one reason or another, in which case I would hope to get the results on Friday. I see my oncologist then.

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