Sunday, October 29, 2006


As you know, Halloween is only two days away. We usually decorate our doorway a little bit by putting up some lights and some of that spider-web stuff, as well as a pumpkin. We usually design our own pumpkin pattern. Last year, we did Skeleton Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I think the year before we might have done a dragon pattern that a friend of ours designed for us.

Today we spent time designing not one, but two pumpkin patterns - one for me, and one for Ian. I'm not going to tell you what those designs are; you'll have to wait for the pictures tomorrow, provided they work out :) I will say this: Ian's is more complicated than mine, but they're both quite technically interesting.

We also ran around all over the place looking for pumpkins. We didn't want to buy a pumpkins until after we knew what design(s) we were going to do. One of the local grocery chains is (we went to two stores) completely out of pumpkins, but the other has lots. We were able to get a couple of reasonably good pumpkins, clean them up, scrape them out, and trace our designs on them. We also bought a woodworking carving kit because our pumpkin carving kit isn't fine enough for these designs. We'll actually do the cutting tomorrow.

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