Friday, December 30, 2011

Yesterday's Denosumab

Yesterday was Denosumab day at the hospital. There was almost one one there because of the holidays which made for a lovely experience. I don't normally get such a great parking space or have so much room to myself. There weren't as many muffin flavours in the cafeteria as usual but I'd happily give up muffin flavours for fewer people.

The bloodwork and port access went smoothly. When I settled into the chair for the denosumab appointment, the nurse sternly asked me if I was on any calcium supplements. I tried to be strong but after a few minutes I meekly admitted that I had taken some, and then I ran out, and then I didn't buy any more... but I'd buy some today before I left the hospital. She didn't say that was ok or anything; all she said was that my calcium was low and that I'd have to see the pharmacist.

I was a bit nervous (ok, I might have been freaking out a little bit) to hear that there was something wrong. The pharmacist came with printouts that showed that my adjusted calcium (the one that includes albumin) is 2.05 and should be at least 2.1. Apparently the denosumab works so much better than the Pamidronae did that it's really important to take the extra calcium. There's no cause for alarm right now as long as I start taking calcium and vitamin D and continue to take it.

The pharmacist recommended that I start taking Ultra Tums because each tablet has 1000mg of calcium in it so I bought a bottle of that along with a bottle of vitamin D. I don't want to get into trouble or to reduce the effectiveness of my treatment. I also don't want to feel afraid that there's something wrong until there really is cause for alarm.

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Am glad that you have recognized the need for Calcium and Vit D, which is so important for your Biphosphate Infusions. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Blessings! - Exequiel(Zeke)