Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bit of this, bit of that

It's been a couple of days since I posted because nothing really had been going on. I could have posted about how cute Gozer is and the cute things she does - like new moms do with their babies - but I didn't think that would terribly interesting. She does do incredibly cute things all the time and I find myself exclaiming over how adorable she is but if you're not here seeing it, well, it's just not the same.

This last week had been raining and humid and now we have that sour smell in our basement again. This time it's drifted upstairs, too, so our whole house has the smell to some extent. Nothing seems to be wet and there don't seem to be any leaks so we have no idea what's going on. We thought that maybe the traps under the sink or shower might have run dry so we've poured water down there but it hasn't made a difference. I hope it dissipates soon.

We took Gozer to meet Ian's parents today. This trip was a big one because she had two big car rides, went into someone else's house, and meet other people. I'd bought a seatbelt contraption for Gozer before and we tried it out on the drive down but it didn't work so well. It was both too big around and too short for her and at one point she wriggled out of it! Ian's parents gave us one that they had and it worked so much better. Gozer was able to stand up and look outside or lie down and sleep, all while staying safely belted in.

Gozer did very well in the other house and meeting people. She managed to sucker both of Ian's parents into letting her cuddle with them for a while :) She also cuddled with me, of course! She was very good about going into her crate and staying there quietly when we needed her to do that. She behaved herself very well all day and we're very proud of her.

It turns out that I'm not so good at training Gozer. For example, I forget that I'm not supposed to call her name when she's being bad and I let her stand up on her back legs and lick my face. Then I remember that I've never had a dog and that we've only had her for nine days and I feel better because I don't have to be perfect. However, I do want to get better at training her so that she doesn't develop bad habits that we have to undo later on so I need to get to reading the books I bought. I'll spend some time on that over the next few days.

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