Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas party tomorrow

Ian's Christmas party is tomorrow night. I bought six different dresses online over the last few weeks and of those, only two looked good. I'm sending the other four back because they just don't look right. I'd have worn last year's dress the dress from two years ago* but I've lost about ten pounds since then and it doesn't fit. Besides, I couldn't make these dresses for what I paid for them.

These are the two dresses I ended up liking and keeping:
Dress #1, by Armand Basi

Dress #2, by Suzi Chin

Obviously both are knee-length on me but fortunately they look good at that length. I have a slight preference for dress #2 because it covers more of my back meaning I don't have to worry about my patches showing through. It also has a soft, warm, stretchy lining which I think will keep me warmer than I'd be in dress #1. I do love dress #1 because it is gorgeous but I think it needs to be saved for a non-winter occasion. I'll save it for another day.

Aside from finding myself a dress for the party, I've done no other shopping in preparation. I'm going to wear the shoes I bought a couple of years ago because they're comfortable and look nice. I've got enough hosiery that I'll be able to figure out something to go with the dress and shoes. I also have plenty of makeup so I didn't need to get any of that, either. Hopefully this means that I'll be relaxed before tomorrow night's party.

* For some reason, as I was writing that, I completely blocked out the fact that I didn't go to last year's party because I was in Edmonton after my mom died. It's weird: I remember what happened last year but somehow it's like it all happened in this alternate world.


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