Friday, December 09, 2011

Party and Gozer

Last night's party was fun. They had some actors through dinner doing a murder mystery version of the Scrooge tale and a hypnotist after dessert. The hypnotist stuff was funny at the start while the people were doing some "whitewater rafting". It became much less funny when the hypnotist gave one guy the suggestion that he couldn't say the number six and then put the guy in several situations where he needed to say the number six. The guy is a smart fellow so used all sorts of tricks to define the number six without being able to say it. It's funny if you think that people who stutter or stammer are funny... which I don't. At least now I can say that I've seen a hypnotist in action.

Poor Gozer had a tough time while we were gone. she was frantically panting when we got home and had clearly been trying to escape the crate; her bed was turned around and the blankets were pulled into the crate. We took her outside right afterwards and she had a very big poo, followed by two more poos on the walk we took afterward.

When I left for my metalsmithing class tonight she was howling :( It was so hard to hear her howling and barking and to have to leave her but I did. When Ian got home she was in a panicky state again.

I took Gozer in to the vet this morning for another booster shot and we talked about her behaviour last night. The vet and I agreed that she's showing early signs of separation anxiety. She's got a program they're starting there to heal deal with separation anxiety that involves the mild anti-anxiety drug Reconcile (fluoxetine, or Prozac for dogs) and behaviour modification training. I've signed us up for it and she started taking the pills today. We'll go in to start the rest of the process on Monday.

Gozer also has some bumps on her tummy and the vet gave me some antibiotics for that. It turns out that Gozer doesn't like taking pills by themselves so I lightly covered each one in peanut butter. She loved that.

I have more metalsmithing tomorrow so hopefully Gozer will be fine with Ian for the day. She's very attached to me and has a hard time when I'm not here.

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