Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old tv series

Occasionally I get tired of watching regular television. As much as I like watching such compelling shows as Judge Judy or People's Court, the people and the cases featured can be rather tedious. I also think of my mom when I watch these shows because she used to watch them, too, and sometimes those memories are more than I can handle.

On days like today, where I'm feeling a bit sad and upset, I also have no patience for movies. I was thrilled to find the perfect solution on Netflix: the original Alfred Hitchcock Presents series! I remember watching the "new and improved" version when I was growing up. I also have hazy memories of watching the re-runs of the original episodes but I could be mixing up the show with something else. The original version is so much better than the 80s remake and it's a pleasure to watch each episode.

I've been immersed in the series for most of the day and I feel like I'm discovering an old friend in each episode. I love the stories, the acting, Hitchcock's statements, the set design, and the costumes. I'm watching episodes shot in 1955 and everyone is wearing clothes from that era and are surrounded by items from that era. It's like taking a peek into the past, being able to see how people lived back them. Well, how they lived according to television, anyways.

Right now Netflix has only the first 61 episodes (the first three seasons) available. I hope that they add the remaining four seasons before I'm finished watching these first three. This might not be the best use of my time but I'm enjoying it so it can't be the worst thing for me to do.

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