Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gozer's second bath

Gozer's second bath today went much better than her first one. We bought a bathmat for the tub that gave her some traction and a shower head that had a setting for a trickle of water. We didn't have to fill the tub with water, which she liked better, and she didn't have to be doused with water, which she definitely preferred. She still didn't love the experience but it went a lot better this time.

We wanted to get Gozer nice and clean not just because we're supposed to wash her every few days but because we're getting ready to go to Mississauga for Christmas and we want her to look her best. Or as best as she can considering that she went out for a walk in the rain after her bath. Traveling with a dog is much more complicated than traveling alone: we have to wash her coats and towels and gather up her food, her crate, her toys, and I don't know what else. I thought that getting myself organized was hard!

I hope that Gozer's mostly clean, shiny cute state will be so distracting that no one minds her occasional barkiness. Her barking is adorable when she's playing with her toys but something dramatically less than adorable at night. Hopefully she'll be good while we're there.

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