Saturday, September 03, 2011

Working towards a less sad lawn

Our poor front lawn has been almost completely dead for months. It was re-sodded last year after we put new weeping tile on the side of the house and after the drought we had in July the lawn just didn't recover. Our neighbour thinks that our lawn died because leatherjackets moved in and ate up the roots on several patches of lawn in the neighbourhood. Maybe that's what happened. Maybe both things happened; either way, our front lawn was pathetic.

Our neighbour is going to re-sod his lawn but we don't really want to do that so we made the decision to re-seed the lawn with grasses more native to this region. In our travels today we stopped by the Ontario Seed Store outlet at one of the local Home Hardware stores and bought ourselves some new grass seed and a thing to apply it. We raked the lawn, raked some soil over it, added some seed, and used the mulch raked up from the lawn to cover it. By the time we were finished it was 8:15pm and full dark. As I write this, we're watering the lawn and it's about to start pouring. We hope that the downpour won't carry off all of our seeds if we pre-soak the lawn. It's a theory, right?

We also bought ourselves some clover seed for the backyard. The lawn grows really well in some spots and is patchy in others and we happen to like the look of a clover. Besides, clover is a bit more eco-friendly than the lawn that's typically grown around here. We care about having an eco-friendly lawn not just because we care about the environment (which we do) but because we're lazy and don't want to have to water too often.

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