Monday, September 12, 2011

Tired and weak

I don't know if it's the denosumab or if I overdid it over the last few days but I was really tired and feeling a bit weak today. I started to go for a walk because it was so gorgeous outside but before I even got to the main street I decided I couldn't handle it and returned home. I ended up basking in the sun and reading a magazine for most of the afternoon.

I used to feel this way back in the day when I started exercising a lot (like when I was riding my bike to and from work) and not eating enough to build up the muscle being created. I had been on several very long walks late last week and then gardening for three or so hours yesterday without increasing the amount I was eating so that could have been happening again.

I've also been losing weight - since I started using the new and amazing scale last week I've lost about three pounds. I assume that's been happening because I've been walking because I haven't been eating any more than normal. At least that's what I hope has been happening. I get a little bit nervous whenever I lose weight without meaning to because that can be a sign the cancer is active. I very much doubt that the cancer is active but there's always that little voice saying "but what if..."

Staying home and relaxing turned out to be good for me - I feel better and more rested. The weather doesn't look all that good for the next few days so we'll see how I feel and where my weight goes.


Debbi said...

Sounds like you over did it with out increasing the food you take in, just like you said.
Try not to over do it. them
Cant wait until I feel like doing them again.
Hope you feel better soon

manchester fat acceptance said...

wow congrats on the weight loss! it sounds most likely to be because of the exercise, though i understand the need to be cautious.