Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me and my electronics

Although I'm still feeling week and a bit tired, I'm definitely feeling better today than I did yesterday. There's still some residual weakness but I'm better. I am tired but I had trouble sleeping last night so it's no surprise that I'd be tired today.

I'm happy to report that my cell phone is working. I accidentally dropped it in the bath over the weekend. I was scared to tell Ian because I'm not supposed to have electronics in the bathroom. I pulled the battery out right away and lucky for me, the phone dried out and works just fine. The red moisture sensor went off which means that phone is no longer under warranty but it's working. I wish the kindle was as durable as this phone because I wouldn't be on my third kindle.

So no more taking the cell phone into the bathroom while I'm having my bath whether or not I'm using it in the bath. No more taking any electronics into the bathroom no matter how much I think I'll be ok. I'm naturally clumsy and eventually, no matter how careful I think I'll be, I will eventually do whatever it is I'm trying to avoid doing.

I think I may finally have learned this lesson.

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