Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New winter clothing

I purchased a pair of these fine Sorel Tivoli 2011 winter boots today. I've been looking for a good pair of winter boots since last winter but I couldn't find the right style for me. I'd been trying to find taller lace-up boots but my calves are so big that most tall boots don't fit properly - either the laces are so wide that they look silly or the boots are all stretched and unattractive on the calves and folding strangely at my ankles, causing friction and blisters.

So I gave up on finding tall lace-up winter boots in favour of these shorter boots. Every pair of good winter snow boots I've bought are just above the ankle because they're easy to get into and comfortable to wear while walking around outside. These boots are waterproof, very warm, and have great traction with that rubber sole. They're not just functional, either; personally, I think they're great-looking boots and I love the styling with all that white trim and the stitching lines. I can hardly wait to wear these this winter.

I was also looking for a new winter coat as mine is getting a bit raggedy but I couldn't find any I liked. I'm looking for a long (mid-calf, or just above where the boots hit), black or dark grey coat, most likely down-filled with a covered front zipper, elastic at the wrists, a poufy collar and/or hood, and some stitching to create a curvy shape and to narrow in the waist. If I was a person of a more normal height then I could easily find such a coat... but since I'm short, the stitching lines are all in the wrong place. Finding a coat might take a while.

I'm still working on the red carpet post and hope to have it up by Friday.

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