Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lifestyle changes

We've both gained weight over the last few years and it's time for us to try to get rid of some of it. I'm not supposed to try to lose a whole lot of weight but I can - and should - try to be more fit. My psychologist, in particular, believes that if I can become more fit by eating right and through regular walking or other exercise, I'll be better able to handle the emotional stuff that will come up through therapy. This makes sense to me because I already know that when I eat badly and do nothing, my thinking goes down and feels sluggish.

We've already started making small lifestyle changes to try to be healthier. For example, we've started going for walks after dinner. It isn't a huge amount of exercise but it's a good start. We've also bought ourselves a fancy scale that will graph our weight, body fat, and BMI for us. Hopefully this tool will help us make the long-term lifestyle changes we need to make in order to lose weight.

You see, I've been on diets off and on for most of my life and I know that they don't work. Depriving oneself of food will make one lose weight... but without a corresponding shift in mindset, the weight won't stay off. Losing weight and getting fit require a change in the way the person thinks about food and activities. So if I want to be more fit (and I do), I need to start eating things like vegetables and fruits. More than that, I need to *like* eating them, and I need to see them as part and parcel of my diet. I need to think of myself as someone who eats fruits and vegetables and not someone who eats ice cream... and that's a tough shift in thinking to make.

One of my sisters has made these same shifts in thinking s I hope to get some advice from her as to how to make this work. For now I'll make small changes and see how they go.


manchester fat acceptance said...

you're so kind to mention me, sister! i have a whole package of stuff i have done.... too much to list but of course i can talk to you about it in detail.


p.s. i want that scale!!! i use Excel to chart my progress.

Robin said...

Good for you for getting more fit! Excellent point about needing to *like* eating fruits and veggies. After all, if you like something you're more likely to stick to it.

I would also like to know how both of you are doing it as I could also use losing some weight and getting more fit...maybe we can all do it together?