Thursday, September 01, 2011

Epic walking!

Today was the first day this summer that I've been out on an epic walk. The weather just hasn't cooperated for me to go out for a long time. Even on the days that it's been nice, I didn't really know the neighbourhood well enough to go out and walk for a couple of hours. Now that I've been out and about in the area on shorter walks, I was able to go on a lovely long walk today. I've missed walking like that.

I'm still working on the VMAs red carpet post. I'd have had more time to work on it if I hadn't gone for a long walk but I felt like walking today. Even though it was humid out.

I haven't got the results of my bone scan yet and I don't really expect to hear anything before I see my oncologist on the 27th. She would call me before I see her if something new shows up but it's been two weeks since the scan and I haven't heard from her. I don't really worry about the scans these days because I've been stable for so long.

I'm so very lucky that my mets are limited and stable. Someday that will change; for now, I'm happy to not have to think much about the mets I have. It means that I can go on epic walks and write red carpet posts like an almost normal person (for some definition of normal).

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