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MTV Video Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet

As promised, here's my red carpet post for last week's MTV VMAs. Ok, the carpet was black - although there's no carpet in the pictures - but to simplify things I'll just call it a red carpet. This attire at event is fairly casual in comparison to pretty much any other red carpet event but most people still wore something a little dressier than they'd wear to, say, the mall.

Oddly, many of the attendees were showing off a lot of leg. It's as though they all got together and decided to wear the shortest skirts and shorts they could find. Weird.

Have a look for yourself after the jump.

Katy Perry in Atelier Versace
Outfit #1. Adorably cute and all grown up with the cutouts and thigh slit. did she dye her hair to match the pink in the dress?

Katy Perry in Tom Ford
Outfit #2. The fabric used on the sleeves is gorgeous. Sadly, the waist cincher doesn't work quite so well with this outfit colour-wise and it makes her boobs look sort of weird. Besides, there's nothing really crazy or unusual about this dress so you hardly know it's her.

Katy Perry in Christian Dior (with Philip Treacy hat)
Outfit #3: The hat makes the outfit, doesn't it? Many people think this outfit looks silly and crazy - and so they don't like it - but this is definitely Katy's style. Love the shoes.

Katy Perry in dress designed by Johnny Wujek for Furne One
Outfit #4: After the show. She's a broken record! LOL! How hilarious is that? Again, this outfit is all Katy. It's kind of perfect, don't you think?

Jessie J
Outfit #1: She was the house band singer during the commercials. We saw her perform at the beginning and end of the ad breaks and I thought she was incredibly talented. She's managed to dress up the cast so that it looks like part of each of her outfit. I think I love the bedazzled tights on her.

Jessie J
Outfit #2: This kind of body-con outfit isn't for everyone but it suits her and the occasion. The belt looks silly, however. 

Nicki Minaj in Amato Couture and Shojotomo
Nobody does crazy like Nicki Minaj. This is one crazy outfit. The metal vest/peplum thing is aweome, and the tutu works really well with the vest. The mask, shoes, thigh-highs, and whatever she's trailing behind her are a little over the top.

Bonnie McKee
Someone on the interwebs speculated that she made this outfit herself. I guess that's possible, because where would one find something that looks like this? I don't think we can expect much more from someone who tweeted that her "ass is hanging out [and she feels] freeeeeeeeee" during the VMAs.

Rebecca Black
I'm impressed with this look: she's all of 14 and this is one of her first (if not the first) public event she's ever attended. This outfit is completely appropriate without being trashy or too subdued for the occasion. 

There are people on the interwebs who are saying that she looks fat. She's not fat. Even if she has a bit of a tummy that doesn't make her fat. Even if she was fat, it wouldn't matter. Quite frankly, I find it despicable that people would judge a beautiful teenager in this way.

Britney Spears in Moschino
When we saw her during the show, we were shocked at how grown-up and mature she looked. Maybe this is because she's mostly covered up?

Amber Rose (with Wiz Khalifa)
It seems Amber Rose can't have her picture taken on a red carpet unless she's hanging all over some guy. I think it's a different guy from year to year. Fortunately her outfit isn't as trashy as she is. 

Selena Gomez in Julien Macdonald
She hosted the red carpet event before the show in this romantic goth mullet dress. If it weren't a mullet dress - if it were a gorgeous coat or long vest over a mini - it would be gorgeous. But it's a mullet dress.

Victoria Justice in Theia
Thank goodness this dress has straps and a bit of shaping because otherwise it would look like a sparkly towel. Being short, right, and sparkly, it's perfect for this event.

Jenni Farley (aka "Jwoww") in Jovani
She calls herself Jwoww? Seriously? I guess that's what you get from one of the people from that Jersey Shore show. Lucky for us, this dress isn't too tacky. It fits her well and although her boobs look silly and the skirt is a bit tight, it's a good choice.

Holland Roden in Jennifer Saltzman
What a pretty smile! I don't know why she didn't choose something that fit a little bit better. The top has funny wrinkles around her boobs and the skirt looks poufy around the abdomen (probably because of the wrinkles from when she was sitting). There's also something that's a bit weird about the proportion between the top and skirt.

Crystal Reed in AllSaints
I'd expect to see her wearing something this casual when she was out shopping, not on a red carpet. A little bit of sparkle or something other than a thin white t-shirt would have worked better at this event.

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola in Alberto Makali
Sigh. Another fake-tanned "Jersey Shore" personality. Aside from her shoes, which with those feathers look like the kind worn with negligees back in the day, and the fake tan, this outfit works for her. The style and pattern both suit her.

JoJo in Marco Marco
I can only imagine that she was worried that the crowds would be so bad at this event that she'd need some way to keep them away from her. Hence the crazy pillow.

Deena Nicole Cortese
This rainbow towel monstrosity might just be the worst outfit at this event. Of course it's worn by one of those fake-tanned "Jersey Shore" personalities. Who else would wear something this tacky and ill-fitting?

Zoe Saldana in Barbara Bui
Although this dress is almost as short as many of the other outfits, it's tasteful and definitely fierce. 

Demi Lovato in Mandalay
There's nothing wrong with wearing something shiny... unless it's too tight like it is here, which then makes the wearer look bigger than she is. 

Kelly Rowland in Falguni & Shane Peacock
I'm not a huge fan of this particular dress and not just because it's got shoulder pads. Still, it looks great on her, it fits, she looks happy, and it's a good choice for the occasion.

Shaun Robinson in Nicole Miller
She's an entertainment television personality so it's no surprise that she knows how to dress to look fantastic. The print brings back some serious 80s memories, however... and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Maria Menounos in Amanda Wakely
Is it just me or is there something a little strange about the draping from the center bust to the hips? The top has an odd shape, too, and her boobs are uneven. Maybe it's the way she's standing.

Liz Lee
She's in some mockumentary series or something which might explain why she's wearing an ill-fitting, shiny toga that makes her look pregnant along with Doc Martens. 

Kreayshawn in Discount Universe
She sort of looks like a young Lady Gaga, doesn't she? This sheath-style dress with shoes is a look that I used to wear back in the day so I think it's cute even if most people on the interwebs think it's ugly.

Mika Newton
How did she get that dress to fit her boobs so well? The dress is definitely sexy and fits her well. Too bad about the stripper shoes.

Kat DeLuna in Jose Duran
This dress is ok although not as flattering as it could be. The blocking effect on the bodice just makes the skirt look that much bigger.

Ashley Rickards in BCBG
I love this dress!  The feathers on the collar really make this dress interesting. Something about her hair, makeup, and stance make her look positively regal.

Nicole Polizzi (aka "Snooki") in Ama Savahl
I'd forgotten there was another one of these "Jersey Shore" "personalities". Aside from the fake tan, this dress looks good on her. You wouldn't know that she's foul-mouthed ans trashy just by looking at her here. 

Lil Mama
She usually doesn't look quite so out of it or so tamely dressed. I wonder if the two are connected?

Katie Holmes in Azzedine Alaia
Why did Katie Holmes attend the VMAs? Since when does she make music videos? She's dressed well enough, I guess., although I don't much like her shoes.  

Jessica Who
I love a 50s-inspired dress as much as the next person but sadly, this particular 50s-inspired dress doesn't suit her all that well. The shiny fabric coupled with the gathers around her waist make her waist and hips look bigger than they are.

Adele in Burberry
Outfit #1: She wore this on the red carpet. I love the dress on her as it looks fantastic. Her hair is way too poufy, however. 

Adele in Barbara Tfank
Outfit #2: Oh, I love her hair! this is so much better than the hair before. I love this dress even more than the other one as it fits and looks fantastic on her. And I'm a sucker for this kind of 50s bodice with the wide scoop neck and 3/4 dolman sleeves.

Louise Roe in Tibi
The colour is great and the bodice is lovely but she looks pregnant in this dress. Who wants to look pregnant when they're not?

Kim Kardashian in Kaufman Franco
When you're as curvy as she is, wearing something tight across the hips isn't all that flattering. Combine that with her droopy boobs and we have one mess of a dress.

Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli
A dress with a train looks really weird at the VMAs. The skirt looks like it's stretched more than the top is, making her bottom half look bigger than it is. 

Beyonce Knowles in Lanvin
Outfit #1: Yes, she's pregnant. She announced it on this red carpet and we can see her framing her baby bump here. The colour of this dress is lovely and she looks positively radiant.

Beyonce Knowles in Dolce & Gabbana
Outfit #2: We can't even see her baby bump in this outfit. Personally, I love this look - she looks fierce. Although she was dancing around pregnant, she wasn't going as all out as she usually does. I've heard it said that if a pregnant woman already does an activity then she's probably ok continuing to do it. I'm sure she's talked to her doctors about her dancing. 

Jumpsuits are hard to wear, aren't they? Getting the top and bottom to fit properly is tricky and if things go wrong then the wearer can end up with cameltoe, like she has here. 

Destinee (L) and Paris Monroe, both in Brian Lichtenberg
Apparently these two sisters are opening for Britney Spears on her current tour. These outfits are perfect for their style and the occasion.

Skylar Grey
This is so completely, totally her style. If she'd shown up in something else she wouldn't look right. That said, she could have maybe worn something a little less casual. You know, because she's on the red carpet and all.

Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone
And finally we have Lady Gaga. Or Jo. Or whatever. The posture and the sneer you see in this picture was what she (he?) delivered the entire night.

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