Friday, September 09, 2011

Feeling good

I'm very happy to report that I haven't had any bad side effects from yesterday's denosumab. I was very tired and I did have a three hour nap today but I think that's because I only got about three or four hours of sleep the night before last. When I'm nervous I often have a hard time sleeping, and of course I was nervous because of the new treatment even though I knew I had no reason to be nervous.

I felt well enough today that I was able to go for an epic walk this afternoon after my nap. I've also been able to eat normally and haven't had any tummy issues. I think I like this denosumab treatment.

In other exciting news, I purchased all-access passes for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival for both of us. Yep, we're going to an eight-day horror movie festival in Toronto this October!!! I'm so excited. They'll be showing at least two movies per night and my intention is to go to as many as I can possible manage; hopefully Ian won't have any problems sitting through all of those movies. Buying the passes saves a lot of money over purchasing individual tickets for each screening and is so much less hassle overall.

Our plan is to stay in a hotel in Toronto so that we don't have to go far when the later movie is over. I guess we could travel back home after the later movie but we wouldn't get home until the middle of the night and I think that would be much too tiring. Since this looks like it'll be our vacation this year, I hope to be able to see some other things in Toronto like the ROM, the AGO, and the Textile Museum of Canada. I don't want to do too much because I don't want to exhaust myself but I'm sure we can find fun things to do while we're there.

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