Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're all still here

Well, that was a bust. No earthquakes, no Rapture, nothing. We're all still here.

I almost feel sorry for the guy that made this prediction about today... from all accounts, he really believed that the world was ending today. Even though so many people knew that he had to be wrong, he thought he was right.

We spent the day exploring some of the nearby paths through the woods and working in the yard. It was such a beautiful day, nearly 20C and warm and sunny. Even though we have no patio furniture we sat outside and soaked up some more sun.

Ian bought himself a new video game called L.A. Noire. It's a game set in 1940's Los Angeles and you play a cop solving cases and working his way up through the police force. It has a noir-ish feel to it, which makes it interesting. The hard part is that while you solve cases, you interrogate people and have to determine whether they're telling the truth, you doubt what they're saying, or you know they're lying and you can prove. You do this by reading their faces and gestures.

The developers of this game used a new facial motion-capture technique that enabled them to catch the small muscle movements in the face so that you can really see the character's facial expressions. This means that the people playing these characters really had to act out the different scenarios. It also means that the characters look like the actors who play them so there's a bit of "name that actor" going on with the minor characters. At least with me.

It's a fun game so far and I'm looking forward to watching this one through to the end.

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