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2011 amFAR Cinema against AIDS gala at Cannes red carpet - part 2

Here are the rest of the outfits worn to the amFAR gala at Cannes this year. There are many, many more dresses to look at from Cannes but I wanted to keep this post amFAR gala-specific.

Let's go and look at some dresses, shall we?

Dasha Zhukova in Givenchy
I almost love this. There are a few too many ruffles up near the bodice and waist so it doesn't give curves. The colour is wrong for her as well because it's too close to her skintone. Still, it's unusual and I love the skirt. I also love the ankle-strap shoes in that colour.

Marisa Berenson
The skirt appears to be a circle skirt that's stretched along the bias portions and not re-hemmed. The bodice also looks like it's falling off of her as though it's too big. If it fit her properly, this dress would be ok.

Afef Jnifen
She looks positively regal here and I love this dress on her. I love the ruffles at the bottom and the way they're uneven and in layers. Her hair works perfectly with this look as well.

Giovanna Battaglia in vintage Stephen Sprouse dress and Pucci jacket
I never really gave much thought to what black stick-on full-coverage bra cupstogether with a stylized monokini skirt would look like but if I had, this might have been it. It would be better without the long cardigan (although as someone who loves those types of cardigans, I understand why she's wearing it) because it looks like she's trying to cover herself up.

Eugenie Niarchos in Pucci
How sexy is this, with its crotch-high slit and sequinned lace? I like it, although it's much more daring than I myself would wear. The sequins make it definitely suitable for the evening, and I love the way the shoes pick up the lace designs.

Hind El Achchabi in Armani Prive
What a perfect choice for all those Red Hat society members! The bodice gives her a slim waist and a fabulous figure. Now all she needs is a giant red hat to match her bag and shoes.

Gaia Repossi
Most people don't like their tucked-in shirts to be visible through their pants, but then most people don't wear pants with cutouts on them, either. I hope that high-waisted sheer capri pants don't come into fashion because, as you can see, they're not all that flattering.

Claudia Galanti
Sequins were everywhere at this event, it seems. The problem with sequins is that they emphasize what they cover. Or don't cover, in the case of her boobs. Those poor things are trying to escape.

Dree Hemingway in Fendi
Was there a secret memo telling all the attendees that they weren't allowed to do anything nice to their hair? I know that people didn't necessarily bring their hairstylists with them but surely they can do something more attractive to their hair than this. The dress is a good colour on her but those shoes are way too heavy for the dress... not to mention that they make the dress look too short.

Pauline Lefevre
I think this is a cute dress but I can't really see it because of the way she's posing. I like the keyhole up at the top because it's sexy but doesn't really show anything. The shoes work with the hemline of this dress.

Tamara Al Gabbani
That's quite a bright pink and that green belt really sets it off. It's like she's a giant flower (complete with ruffle petals) with only a small leaf. It's very summery.

Victoria Silvstedt
This dress shows off a whole lot of skin and fake boob. Lucky for us she's super-tanned so the dress isn't quite the same colour as her skin because otherwise she would look naked. 

Lady Victoria Hervey in Jean Fares Couture
I love love love this asymmetrical silver dress. The draping, the shoulder strap, the embellishment, and the colour are all gorgeous. this is the way to wear metallics.

Liliana Mattaeus in Chanel Couture
I love this dress even though we can see just a hint of boob there. The black belt sets off the dress perfectly and the feathers at the bottom are perfectly balanced against the bodice. I also love the soft chiffon on the neckline. This is a lovely dress.

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