Sunday, May 15, 2011

Video game watching

I'm working on a red carpet post from the Met Costume Institute's Gala that was held on May 2 but it's not ready for today. I know that the event was a couple of weeks ago and I'm super-late for my red carpet post but I was out of town. It'll be up tomorrow.

While I was working on this post I watched Ian play Portal 2. If I was any good at playing proper video games (like with a controller for a first-person shooter game) I'd probably enjoy playing the game myself because it's a puzzle-playing game. You get a gun that shoots two holes onto walls and floors so that you (or an object) can go through one of them and come out the other. In this way you can move yourself and objects through rooms and areas to get access to new areas.

What makes this game fun to play and watch is that the dialogue is hilarious. There's an evil AI which was killed by the player in the first game and a bumbling funny robot who is apparently trying to help you escape from this facility. The lines from both of them are very clever and witty. And just plain funny.

The only drawback to the game is that it's fairly short at only about 10 hours or so. I'm used to Ian's epic games that take days and days and days to play. This game has a cooperative two-player option so if I can figure out how to use the controls I might give it a try.

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