Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden is coming along

And here I thought we were supposed to get rain all weekend. Well, it rained this morning but it was gorgeous and sunny and warm all afternoon. Oh, it was beautiful.

We finally got out to buy ourselves some patio furniture today. We knew we wanted wood patio furniture and we'd heard of this ipé wood which is supposed to be eco-friendly. At Sheridan Nurseries they carry a whole line of patio furniture made from it and we bought ourselves four chairs, a round table, an umbrella, and an umbrella weight stand thing. We brought home two of the chairs and assembled them ourselves and the rest will be delivered on Friday afternoon. They're very comfortable.

After assembling our chairs we repotted the pepper plants we'd bought. We discovered that several of them are covered in aphids. One of the repotted plants has aphids on the soil, too. There are no ants with them so we don't have any ant herding going on - and that's good (the ants are all over the fruit trees instead). We're going to try spraying them with a combination vegetable oil, soap, and water solution and see if that works. If not, I guess we could try and get some kind of insect to eat up the aphids. We'll see.

Puttering around the yard is quite satisfying, as it turns out. I love to look at the new growth, to see what's coming up, and to take out the weeds. It isn't the same as really doing work in the garden or doing chores - it's more just wandering around. I used to watch my grandmother and mom putter around the garden like this and I never really understood the appeal of doing this... but I get it now.

Hopefully tomorrow is just as warm and nice so we can enjoy our backyard and our new chairs.

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