Friday, May 13, 2011

Movie: Triangle

I've been taking it easy (read: being lazy) for the last couple of days while I come to terms with what happened in the counseling session earlier this week. You could say that I'm huddling in a corner and licking my emotional wounds.

Even I get bored wallowing in my own emotions so today I watched Triangle, a movie about a woman who goes sailing with friends and then people end up being killed. Netflix has been recommending this movie to me for a long time but I thought the movie sounded kind of boring based on that description.

Was I ever wrong. This is a great movie. The protagonist does go sailing with friends and people do end up being killed, but there's so much more to this movie than just that. I don't want to give too much away so let me just say that there's a time-shifting element to this movie. It's really, really good. The plot, the cinematography, and the acting all combine to make this a compelling movie.

I hadn't really been paying attention for the first two-thirds of the movie and it was so interesting that I ended up going back to the beginning and watching it again. I could watch it at least one more time, too, because there were bits that I think I missed and because the later scenes put the earlier ones in a new light

There is a bit of gore in this movie but it's more of a psychological thriller than a serial killer or slasher movie. I highly recommend this movie if you're at all interested in this type of thriller.

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