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Billboard Music Awards 2011 Red Carpet

I'm working on posts looking at the outfits from the recent Cannes festival. In the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick post on the fashions at the recent Billboard Music Awards red carpet. The outfits are split between mostly normal and crazy, and who doesn't like to look at some crazy outfits?

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Bleona Kereti
Look at her smile! You'd think she doesn't have a clue that she's forgotten to put on her dress. It's possible that she can't see past her embellished boobs to the lack of dress below.

Fergie in Herve Leger by Max Azria
For some reason, her face looks better than it normally does. Usually she has a strangely short face and neck that's emphasized by her heavy hair. I think the dark eyes and high neck from this dress actually work for her. The dress suits her figure, which tends to be a bit straight, and gives her curves.

Hilary Scott in Mandalay
The embellishments on the neckline are semi-precious gems, which I like. Aside from that detail, this dress doesn't have much going for it. It's nice enough. It might help if she wasn't wearing her shoulders for earrings.

Nicky Minaj in Mark Fast
In every photo of her from this event she's got an eye-catching expression on her face. The outfit is unusual - not many people would wear rhinestones down the sides of her legs which have the effect of making her legs look so much wider - but she wearing unusual things. I love this look with the pink hair and blue jumpsuit and I love that she's embracing her shape and self.

Kelly Rowland in Herve Leger
This dress isn't all that special, except that it's made of strips of fabric and costs a lot of money. It fits her well. The colour is ok. 

Mary J. Blige in Marc Bouwer
If there's ever a case of a dress wearing the wearer, this is it. Do you even notice that she's got a head? I don't. I try to look at her face and my eyes are drawn back to the dress.

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab
I like the striped effect that the sequins are giving. The dress is just a touch too long, as you can see by the way it rests on the floor and creates a strange shape in front. It's a pretty dress. 

Downtown Julie Brown
I love sequins, I really do. But sequinned leggings, a sequinned top, and a sequinned hat might be just a bit too much. At least the rhinestone bra strap adds a bit of contrast. It's eye-catching, however, and suits her.

Rihanna in Max Azria
She looks surprisingly normal here, doesn't she? I don't know that the pants are all that flattering but she's more covered up than usual, which is a nice change.

Keri Hilson in Rachel Roy
This dress looks just a little too short for her, although she doesn't have to worry about picking something up if she drops it. Otherwise I love the style and colours, which definitely suit her. Her shoes don't enhance the overall look, unfortunately.

Kylie Minogue in Alexander McQueen
She's surprisingly covered up here. Kylie is another singer who tends to show off a lot of skin and I like this change. The dress looks fantastic on her - I even love the shoulder cut-outs. And I do kind of like the crazy boots or whatever they are even though they make it look like she's got hooves instead of feet.

Michelle Williams
I want to like this, I really do. It fits her well. There's a weird dynamic between her hair and skirt because they look so similar and separated only by a sparkly top. I really don't like those bootie things because their proportions seem off to me. I love the red and white clutch, however.

Ke$ha in Jad Ghanour
We tend to think of most celebrities as having the "perfect" body but in reality they have figure traits they don't like just like we do. All any of us can do is try to make the figure look balanced through our clothes. Ke$ha has an apple-shaped body, with slender legs and a more rectangular torso. Rather than creating balance between her legs and torso, this dress emphasizes the difference. Because the tulle skirt falls in a vee from the hips to her feet it makes her hips look wider and legs look narrower. The horizontal band at the waist makes her waist look wider, too. The combination makes her apple-shaped body look more apple-shaped. It's also a mullet skirt.

Nicole Kidman in Dries van Noten
I'm not a fan of long, sheer skirts over a miniskirt. Had the dress been fully lined it would have been too heavy for the time of year. Then again, the sleeves make the dress more of a fall dress than a spring one. 

Selena Gomez in Dolce & Gabbana
There's a stripper vibe to this look between the high hip cutouts and the bows on her shoes. The cutouts look to me like they should be up at her waist, as though the bodice is sagging.

Who is she and what is she wearing? Remember that Project Runway hardware store challenge where the designer was going to make a dress out of washers and cord and ended up making a sleazy bathing suit? This dress reminds me of that, except that instead of a designer making it, it was made by her and her friends after a long night of margaritas and they ran out of ties. 

Beyonce in Lanvin
She looks lovely, as always, but the dress is more winter or fall than spring what with the long sleeves. It's nice enough but it's nothing special. 

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