Saturday, May 14, 2011

We finally bought theatre chairs

Some months ago you might remember me talking about buying theatre seats for our entertainment area in the basement. We knew we wanted to buy Palliser's Rhumba theatre seats with power recline (instead of manual), and we knew that we didn't want to buy them in leather. What we didn't know was which covering or configuration we wanted. Instead of going in and just making a decision, we put off buying the seats.

Lucky for us, the store from which we wanted to purchase these seats is having a sale this month: buy one item and get 40% off the next item and 25% off the following items. We finally decided to bite the bullet and buy them this weekend so that we could take advantage of the sale. These things aren't cheap, after all, and while we're willing to pay a lot for a quality product (like these), we don't want to spend more money than we need to spend.

We figured out the optimal configuration for the room by cutting out cardboard in the size of the seats and moving them around. We settled on four seats. The outer two have a straight armrest on the outside and an angled one on the other side. The middle two have no armrest between them so that we can cuddle up. According to the spec sheet this is a 4-seat curved configuration.

Choosing the fabric turned out to be a lot easier than the last few times we've chosen fabric. There weren't quite as many fabric choices as we've had before and there were a couple of clear favourites. We ended up choosing a velvety fabric with a sort of crackled effect called Jumanji in the chocolate colour. It doesn't show a nap and it's really, really soft so we think it'll look great in our entertainment area.

Of course the seats won't arrive for eight to twelve weeks so I'll hardly remember what they look like by the time they get here. Until we looked at them today I'd even forgotten how comfortable these seats are! Whether we remember everything about them when they arrive or not, I think we're going to love them.

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