Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cake baking

Thanks for the suggestions about the leftover milk! I think I'm going to make pudding with the milk we have. I love tapioca pudding and we have some quick tapioca pudding stuff. I'd be happy with a basic vanilla pudding

Ian's birthday is today so I made him a chocolate cake with icing (I put nutella in with the icing instead of fudge sauce). I never thought that I would make a cake that was too rich for both me and Ian, but I succeeded with this one. We served 1/8 of the cake each and both of us had trouble finishing our portion. Ian had to take a break in the middle of eating the cake and even though I ate all mine at once, my tummy isn't thanking me for it now. It may be less rich if it were kept in the fridge. Maybe.

Because I was so busy with the cake I didn't make a fancy dinner for Ian but that's ok. He enjoyed the cake even though I didn't do a perfect job (I should have sifted and/or blended better). It's been a long time since I've made a cake and so I'm happy with the job I did.

Tomorrow I don't have to cook anything special (aside from the aforementioned pudding), thank goodness! Maybe I'll actually get some cleaning done.

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