Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend painting

We spent the weekend painting the great room because we decided that we didn't want it to be that greenish-grey any longer. Plus we wanted to get it painted before more furniture arrives (or we buy more) because it's easier to paint if the room doesn't have much in it.

The colour is Benjamin Moore's Rich Clay Brown (2164-30). This colour had a bit more of a smell to it than the other one we used for the kitchen but the smell wasn't bad at all. The colour is warm and inviting and we think makes the room feel so much more comfortable. The fireplace looks a lot better with the new colour and our sofa looks great, too. We're very, very happy with it. I promise that once we've put the furniture back later this week we'll take some photos of it and the great room and post them.

We'd better be happy with it because painting is exhausting! This room was particularly challenging because of the peaked wall that starts above the stairwell: Ian needed the ladder to get to that wall and its adjacent walls. Even without that part, painting is fairly physical work and it seems like every muscle has been used.

Now that we've done the kitchen and great room, we're looking at the original colour in the hall and thinking that it would be good to change it, too. We'll want another paint colour to do that, but even if we had the colour we wouldn't be ready to paint such a large area for a while because we need to recover from this experience.

We do hope to paint the ceilings in the main bathroom and the laundry room because neither are white and both feel very dark and close. We think that each job can be done in an evening. We'll see - I very much doubt that we'll be painting anything else this week.

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