Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The disorganization is getting to me

It's hard to believe that we've been in our house now for close to two weeks because it's still a mess. There are boxes everywhere because we have no idea where to put their contents. Clearly this is something we should have thought about before moving. For example, where should our winter boots, hats, and mittens live? Our front closet is tiny and there's really not enough room there for all of the winter gear we wear.

We haven't even decided where all the kitchen stuff is going. The spices are still in a bag on the floor because we don't know which cupboard will be best for them.

At least I've managed to put away most of our clothes although I have no idea where all my shoes should live. Our walk-in closet just isn't that big and there isn't really room in the bedroom. it might be possible to add some shoe-specific storage somewhere but I have no idea where that will be.

The basement is marginally better although there are piles of stuff everywhere. My sewing stuff - which won't have a home until the room is completed and that probably won't get done until the rest of the house is livable - is piled up neatly against the wall. The DVDs are all in one place.

You might be able to tell that the disorganization is starting to get to me. I can live in a mess (for a while) but I don't like living in the I-can't-find-anything mess that we've got right now. It was better for a while but it's bad again and I find it very stressful. I am a little overwhelmed by the mess as well because I don't know where to start... mainly because I don't know where anything needs to go.

It never even occurred to me that planning out where things should go in each room - not just into which room things should go but how they would be stored in that room - would be a useful thing to do. Now I know. If I ever have to move again (and I hope I don't) I'll make sure to think about how each room will be set up in the new place and figure out how to put things away quickly so that I don't have to live like this.


Tibcat said...

I laughed at Dawn when she moved into her condo when I saw her little grid map and everything planned out. But I've used that method in two moves since and have found that it really helps to have thought through the stuff first. Even when I change things up later ;)

PussDaddy said...

I can relate considering my house is some what in disarray too right now. But it will all come together eventually.