Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Another movie

I'm still working my way through Netflix's movies - I can't figure out if it's a good thing or a bad thing that new movies are added every week - and I recently watched one that I loved: Exam. In this movie, eight candidates vying for a job are undertaking an 80 minute exam in a room. There are only a few rules: don't spoil your own paper; don't choose to leave the room; don't communicate with the guard or anyone outside the room; and answer the one question before them. As the exam begins, the applicants turn over their papers to discover that they are blank.

This is a very good psychological thriller. It starts fairly innocuously as the applicants realize that they can talk to each other and they try to figure out where this question is located. As they fail to find the question, the applicants become more frustrated and the claws really come out. The second half of the movie is as compelling as the first half as each person tries to gain an edge over the others.

This movie reminds me very much of Cube, a favourite of mine, which is probably why I liked it. Aside from the opening scene, the entire movie takes place in one room and we feel as claustrophobic as the characters while they (and we) try to solve the puzzle.

If you liked Cube, I think you'll like Exam. It's definitely worth your time.


Robin said...

ok...adding Exam to my movie list...

GAC said...

Sounds bit like The Method.


GAC said...

I meant: The Method.


Chantelle said...

Exam does sort of sound like The Method since they're both about people being tested in a locked room. There's something appealing about watching people be lab rats in these "locked room" thrillers.

I'll look for The Method as it sounds interesting.

GAC said...

It's been about four years since I saw it at a film festival, but I remember it as being quite interesting.