Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A few more weekend thoughts

I must have been much more tired than I thought because I slept almost all of yesterday. I'm feeling much better today and I hope to get some unpacking done today.

I forgot to talk about one thing at the conference that I didn't like. One of the speakers talked about nutrition and said that if we ate this one way we would prevent the breast cancer from recurring. Not "help to prevent" but "prevent", which of course isn't true. I disliked this because it gives people a false sense of security, that if they just eat right and eliminate sugars and refined products and whatever from their diet, they won't get cancer again.

That's another reason why I loved Bif Naked's talk: she kind of presented an alternate view just by being herself and talking about her own life. She's a raw-food vegan who doesn't drink or smoke and who got breast cancer in spite of living that way. I hope that people realized that eating right and getting lots of exercise and treating one's body well doesn't necessarily prevent cancer from developing in spite of what that nutritionist said.

Anyways - on to happier topics, namely, Halloween! Happily, I was home before it was time to give out candy to the kids on Sunday. Ian had bought three pumpkins and carved two of them, leaving one for me. He also put up a few lights outside and a couple of other decorations.

When we met with the previous owner, we asked how many kids came around at Halloween. We love to give out candy to the kids and to see their costumes. The previous owner said that they got almost no kids here because we're on the end of the place, so she would just buy big chocolate bars and give them to the six kids on the place.

Well, we got 25 kids! We almost ran out of candy because Ian bought only one box and I was giving out lots of the chocolate bars to each kid, figuring that we wouldn't see any kids. I was stingier with the later kids so that everyone got some and we ended up with six left over from the box of 96. Next year we'll buy more.

Seeing as how we got more than a few kids at our house, we wondered whether the other neighbours really did dislike the previous owner as much as the one guy said they did. It's also possible that the previous owner didn't really decorate much. We watched the kids as they came into and went around the place (we can see the whole street from our dining room) and they really only went to the houses that were decorated. They avoided our neighbour's place completely even though their light was on.

I wonder, too, if some of the people came around to see who the "new people" are. I'd be curious to see the new neighbours if someone bought a house on my block. Who knows. At least we got lots of kids and we know that we'll need to have lots of candy on hand for next year.

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