Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last night's show

Ian's team lost at curling yesterday afternoon, meaning that they ended up tied for third place amongst 88 teams. That's a great showing, and the best the skip has done so far! I was very impressed, although it has been a lot of curling for Ian.

Last night we had tickets for a comedy show but I ended up going with a friend of mine instead of with Ian. Even though Ian could have gone to the show, he was very tired from all the curling and being out and about for so many days. Both Ian and my friend came to dinner which was fun - especially since Ian hadn't met my friend before.

The show was Shawn Majumder doing stand-up comedy. usually at a stand-up show there are several comedians but in this case there was only the one. Fortunately, he was funny. He was born in Newfoundland of a Caucasian mother and Indian father and much of his comedy was poking fun at racial stereotypes. There was quite a bit of adult humour as well.

One of the funniest bits last night was in the way he interacted with the audience. He picked out two people: Jacob, a 14-year-old, who he named "Pubes" on account of the fact that Jacob's pubes should make an appearance soon; and Vern, an 80-year-old. Throughout the show he kept asking Pubes if he had learned anything or if he had any questions. Sometimes the comedian reassured Pubes that he would learn about certain things (like fisting) in grade eight.

I know I'm not good at conveying just how funny it was last night with the comedian talking to Pubes and Vern - I can't tell jokes and I don't get them, either - but trust me, it was hilarious. If you get a chance to see Shawn Majumder doing stand-up, take advantage of the opportunity because it's well worth the couple of hours.

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