Monday, November 15, 2010

Squish, squish

I had my annual mammogram today. Even though I have stage iv breast cancer with my sternal mets, I have what my oncologist considers minimal mets because only one bone is affected. My oncologist figures that if the cancer were to show up in the breast again, it would be worth treating the breast as if I didn't have mets because treating the breast would reduce the amount of cancer in my body. So one of my annual scans is a mammogram.

Today's mammogram was the least painful I've had. In past years they've squished my boobs really hard and it's been a bit painful, but this year it was painless. Then again, she had me approach the machine differently: instead of standing right against the machine, she had me stand further back and lean in, which I think probably gave a better picture.

As far as tests go, the mammogram is pretty easy to do. There's nothing to drink and no eating restrictions and you don't have to be still for very long. I wish all my scans were this simple!

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Beth said...

Glad your mammogram went well. When do you get the results?