Saturday, November 06, 2010

Shoes, glorious shoes

Both Ian and I replaced our walking shoes for the first time in I don't know how long today. When my walking shoes lose their cushioning and absorbency, my feet and knees start to hurt. I've noticed an uptick in my knee pain lately and when I checked my shoes I saw why. The outsole was almost completely smooth and the insole wasn't in the right position.

Ian knew it was time for new shoes because his had a hole in them. We each got the exact same model as we'd had before without looking for anything better - why change something that works, right? :) Afterward, we went out for a walk in the neighbourhood to try out our shoes. My knees didn't hurt and my feet felt really happy while walking. Yay!

We could have gone to a hardware store or looked at rugs or flooring for the sewing room or any number of other practical shopping trips instead, but we decided that new shoes were more important that all that today. 
Now that our feet and knees are happy, we can turn our attention back to putting more things away and the never-ending process of buying things for the house.

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